Periodized Training Plans

BeFit’s evidence-based training plans rely on three pillars: Movement, Metabolism and Recovery. Only through the proper practice of these three principals do athletes uncover their deep potentials.


movement screening

BeFit Athletes are encouraged to have a Functional Movement Screening before starting a program. Correct movement patterns are the crux of high level performance and injury prevention. BeFit uses the Notch and video analysis to assess movement patterns.

Contact BeFit's recommended physical therapist Nikki Losee, MPT, OCS, CSCS, Ph.d, to schedule your Functional Movement Screening. Nikki is also an Ironman finisher!


Moxy Oxygen Monitor

Every athlete has a different metabolic response to exercise stress. Any other method of creating training zones other than directly measuring the body’s response to exercise stress is more guesswork than science. Metabolic threshold tests describe each athlete’s unique zones as well as physiological limiters and compensators.

BeFit is proud to use a variety of technologies and theoretical orientations including Moxy muscle oxygen sensors, blood lactate, and Reveal Biosensors to assess each athlete’s unique metabolic signature.


Heart Rate Variability

Recovery is the other side of the performance coin. Athletes don’t become faster from training, they become faster from recovering from training.

Proper recovery hygiene is the ultimate merger of art and science. Recovery must be proportional to exercise stress in quantity and quality.

Metrics such as HRV and sleep quality can be used to optimize recovery.

HRV Chart Source: