The Precision Hydration Story

The Precision Hydration sweat test is simple, painless and extremely accurate. BeFit is proud to be one of only 3 Precision Hydration sweat test centers in California.

Precision Hydration was formally launched in 2011 after many years working with elite athletes, technology partners, and Dr. Raj Jutley (Heart Surgeon).

The fact that there exists a huge variance in sweat and sodium losses that can occur across athletes meant that there was still no truly custom prescription for electrolyte intake. The goal was to develop a simple and effective way to help athletes understand and manage their personal hydration needs. Dr. Jutley introduced the concepts of sweat testing and that high salt loss athletes can lose up to 3 x as much salt per liter of sweat as low salt loss athletes!

As things progressed, Precision Hydration acquired exclusive access to patented sweat testing technology that requires no physical effort from the athlete. The technology has a long and credible history as a diagnostic test for Cystic Fibrosis.

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Ironman competitor Dave Liotta