Bike Fits

Should a cyclist conform to the bike or should the bike conform to the cyclist? Is a dynamic fit better than a static fit? Should metrics such as power, aerodynamics and heart rate be part of a fit?

Ask 3 bike fitters and you will often get 4 or more answers.

The reality is that there is no cookbook solution for your best bike fit. I did some great fits in the 90’s using a plumb line and tape measure. More recently, I’ve upped my game with certifications from Retül and Guru and some mentoring from fit luminaries such as Sean Madsen. 

Guru Cycling DFU Bike Fit System

The Bicycle Trip

BeFit enjoys using the Fit Lab at the Bicycle Trip in Santa Cruz, California. Contact Dave Liotta to schedule your bike fit.


Q: What is BeFit’s formula for a great fit?
A: Listening. A great fit is an eclectic process embraced by the cyclist and the professional fitter.
GURU Dynamic Fit Unit™ (DFU™) - The Ultimate Fit Bike

BeFit is ecstatic to be using the state-of-the-art Guru DFU bike fit system. Experience the Guru DFU for yourself now. Contact Dave Liotta to schedule your professional bike fit today.

NOTCH: Your Movements Reconstructed on The Smartphone in 3D

We are excited about this amazing technology and it will soon be available at BeFit Consutants!